rickshaw: the only really ecological car: it can drive 100 km with a kg pasta, and with it you can go almost everywhere, where there are streets. And yours? happiness
with low consumption
What it means?

I had a marvellous travel on a rickshaw and I would like to let you know about it

The title of this website is 'happiness with low consumption'.

I gave this name to my journey on a bicycle rickshaw between Germany and Italy, because I find travelling with rickshaw is a perfect example of that idea. You make your journey, not like a tourist, but as a traveller that needs to go somewhere (I had for instance to visit my relatives).
you travel through the Lands, as people made thousands of years before up until to the late Fifties, and experience a special knowledge about the different places, the different people and get connected to them.
You live while you travel, you use this time not as a vacation, but for example to write something, or to play music, or to make pictures, or some other projects.

And the food that you need is almost the same as what you take in your normal allday life, and with this food you can even travel 30-up to 70 km a day!

This is the meaning of LOW CONSUMPTION, and our best progress concerning transports:
don't let us spend our energy to build better motors, to buy better motors, to find better sources for energy to move our motor vehicles, or to spend our resources to finance our high-velocity systems,
But let's spend this energy to research for smarter technologies and for a more human way of life, where the power of our bodies and animal ones is enough for our needs. The most efficient motor on the Earth is of course our body, we shall not forget that!

We don't have slaves anymore working for our comfort, but we are becoming slaves to our comforts.

What is Happiness? and which is the link between HAPPINESS and LOW CONSUMPTION?

All animals know it, all young babys know it, all people with a little bit more wisdom, and also sincere religious people know it:
to be happy in life it is not necessary to have things, or to have material possibilities, to be allowed to buy what you don't actually need, or to travel where you don't actually need to go.
Even our children or our friends don't love us more if we give them more things or more possibilities.
The most important things in life have no price, and we cannot buy them!

If you are interested to know something more about my travel experiences and so on, but are not in Italy, and you don't understand Italian language, you can knock on the door of your Italian neighbours. I'm pretty sure you have some nice ones in your neighbourhood: ask them for helping you to read it.
He/she would be happy for this and probably you would get new friends... with happiness and low consumption for you, for them and for me (so I'm not forced to translate the whole stuff!)

Rocco Marvaso

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